Finance Committee

The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board on:

  • Fiscal matters:
    1. Liaison between the Board and those charged with the daily financial operation of the auxiliary.
    2. To promote sound financial practices through development and/or review of the following:
      1. Annual audit report, including the management letter
      2. Agreements, contracts, and understandings having major financial ramifications
      3. Annual budget for presentation to the Board
      4. Mid-year financial statements
  • Policy matters:
    1. Develop, recommend, and/or review financial policy issues referred to committee;
    2. Review reserve and investment policies.

Who Composed the Committee?

  • theTreasurer of the Board of Directors, who shall serve as Chair of the Finance Committee
  • two student Board members appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors
  • two (2) non-student Board members, one of which shall be a faculty member, both appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors