Board of Directors

The University Center Board of Directors consists of fourteen members.  Seven are students, three are faculty, two administrators, one community member and one alumni.  Both the Chair and Vice-Chair position are selected by the Board and must be student members of the Board.  

Student Representatives

Destiny Mendoza - Student-at-large

Chant’e Catt - Student-at-large

Jeremiah Finley - AS Student Affairs Vice President

Joshua Sales - RHA President

Jourden Lamar - RHA Representative

Jazmin Sandoval - AS President

Emily Adams - Student-at-large

Administrative Representative

W. Wayne Brumfield - Interim VP, HSU Student Affairs

Financial Services Representative

Sylvia Shively - Controller, HSU Financial Services

Faculty Representatives

Steven Martin - Environmental Science & Management

Mark Rizzardi - Mathematics

Armeda Reitzel - Communication

Alumni Representative

Amanda Hubacek

Community Representative

Gregg Foster


Dave Nakamura - Executive Director